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iMagic Inventory Software

from $249 

Improve efficiency with our inventory software! Ideal for small and medium sized businesses that want to save time managing invoices and inventory. Designed with ease of use in mind iMagic Inventory helps you to save time and improve efficiency.

The time spent on administration and maintaining stock levels adds up significantly. Why not get your PC to manage it for you? iMagic Inventory is an inventory software system that saves you time each time you use it, automatically performing tasks that would have taken significant time previously.

Create invoices, check and updates stock levels, track customers and payments, generate reports and a lot more. Some features include - multiple locations for stock, wholesale/retail and multiple price lists, pre-built and custom invoices, picking lists, packing lists, pro-forma and quote creation, multiple users, automatic reordering of low stock, barcode reader support, printing of barcodes, group items, serial numbers and plenty more. Visit our product website for more details and a free trial download.

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iMagic Restaurant Reservation

from $399 

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a restaurant is that of reservations. From keeping track of existing reservations, booking reservations, monitoring capacity for both the servers and kitchen and ensuring the happiness of customers. Restaurant reservation software helps by performing processes automatically.

iMagic Restaurant Reservation is a specific and unique restaurant reservation software system that is designed to reduce the overhead of administration tasks. From each point in the reservation process tasks are performed by the software, saving you and your staff time.

Taking bookings becomes easier and more efficient, searching for existing customers saves time and reduces errors. Checks against double bookings avoids customers never having to wait. While being able to adjust the amount of covers available at any point during the day allows a simple and efficient management of capacity. iMagic Restaurant Reservation saves you and your staff time. Some features - multiple venues, visual booking of tables, Table Blocks, customer database management and much more. Visit our website for more and a free trial download.

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iMagic Hotel Reservation

from $249 

Easily manage and track reservations for your hotel or bed and breakfast. iMagic Hotel Reservation makes management and day-to-day tasks as easy and fast as possible.

Uses a simple step-by-step approach to create reservations that anyone can learn. With inbuilt online booking, customer management, room management, payment tracking, customizable fields, reports and more. Now you can be free to get on with other aspects of running your hotel.

Our hotel management software makes it easy to manage your hotel. But don't take our word for it! Download our free trial version from our website and see for yourself!

iMagic Hotel Reservation Website

iMagic Kennel Reservation

from $199 

If you're spending too much time on administration in your kennel or if you just like to keep things organized iMagic Kennel Reservation is the solution for you! Our kennel reservation software saves you time where you need it most. Don't get lost in the juggle of paper work, there is an easier way.

A simple solution for a common problem. It's designed specifically for the kennel management business, helping you to reduce time lost on administration. From the booking process, to caring for customer's pets, to the final customer bill, iMagic Kennel Reservation covers it all.

Track customer details, reservations, kennel usage. Your furry guests, medical history, any special requirements and print out kennel cards. Automatically tracking reservations against kennels and tracking payments. Download a free trial version from our website and see how much time you can save!

Visit our website iMagic Kennel Reservation

iMagic Survey Designer

from $149 

Easily create surveys. From customer satisfaction to marketing research, iMagic Survey Designer will help. Use the in-built library of existing questions or create your own chooseing from several different question types.

Collect results either directly into the application or collect them from a website. You can view existing entries, filter or sort.

Analyze results using built in graphs, view report summaries and use an enhanced filtering system to ask questions from the collected data. Find more details and download a trial on the Survey Software website.

Visit the iMagic Survey Designer website

iMagic Tour Reservation

from $399 

Sofware specfically designed for Tour Operators. Designed to help manage your tours, customers and diary information. Create and manage tours details, customers and payments. Tours can be either one off unique tours or recurring tours set over a time period. Record which customers have booked onto each tour and print final manifest lists that can be taken on the actual tour.

iMagic Tour Reservation keeps all relevant information together in one manageable place. Automating common tasks and allowing you to get on with running your business.

Tour Software

iMagic Fleet Maintenance

from $199 

Monitor and manage your fleet vehicles. Keep your fleet vehicles running longer! Allocate resources to more efficient vehicles, monitor usage and save money.

Add scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work for your vehicles. Keep a log of work completed, as well as upcoming work that is yet to be done. Record fuel and distance travelled for each vehicle, with total calculations on fuel cost.

Create reports on vehicles including details such as make, model, year and even chassis and engine numbers. List total cost of each or all vehicles over a given time span. Total vehicle usage and total travel distance. List service reports, service types and Odo readings.

Save time, money and track your most expensive assets. Starting at just $199, a free demo is available on the website.

Fleet Software

iMagic Marina Reservation

from $199 

Help automate the management your marina or dock, save time and energy and throw away that old pen and pad - it's seen better days!

Add your slips and docking information including rail slips, any width or length restrictions, power or other details. Record reservations for each slip and for date periods, so slips can't be double booked, allowing you to see what slips are still available in advance. Add customer contact information and keep it together in one place.

Don't waste anymore time looking for lost books or information that has been missed. With iMagic Marina you can record all the information you need and recall it later as and when it's required. Try our free trial from our Marina Software website.

Marina Software

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