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iMagic Inventory Software

from $249 

The easiest inventory software available. iMagic Inventory is designed to make inventory management as simple as possible. Specifically designed screens help perform tasks more efficiently and easily than ever before. Get up, running and stay ahead.

Expandable and customizable iMagic Inventory fits around your needs. From custom item fields, allowing you to record information that is specific to your business, to item categories and locations, all designed to help your business run more smoothly. Compatible with any existing MS Office software you own or export out to standard CSV files for use in other software applications.

Some of the features include - multiple locations and warehouses, multiple price lists, invoices, picking lists, packing lists, quotes, multiple users, automatic reordering, barcode reader support, print barcodes, group items, item tracking, etc. Visit our iMagic Inventory software website for more details.

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iMagic Restaurant Reservation

from $399 

Restaurant reservation software that helps you to manage your restaurant. iMagic Restaurant Reservation is designed to be used by anyone. Easily make reservations for your restaurant. Quick and easily accessible viewing of existing reservations and more.

Create reservations based on the available tables either visually using the Visual Layout feature or from a table list. If no tables are available then the system will suggest when a reservation can be made, helping you to achieve the most efficient bookings possible, making you more money.

Special events and multiple venues can be handled with the Table Block feature, allowing you to group table layouts into commonly occurring patterns. Some other features include - walk-ins, interactive reporting, configuration wizards, exporting to other software, tracking of performance, etc. Visit out restaurant software website for more details.

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iMagic Hotel Reservation

from $249 

Managing reservations in a hotel or bed and breakfast create a dilemma, spend time on the administrative tasks or spend time making sure your customers are satisfied and happy. Our hotel reservation software takes the burden away by automatically performing many of those tasks for you.

iMagic Hotel Reservation is a unique and simple to use system that you can use on your computer. It's been specifically designed to reduce time spent on all of the administrative tasks performed everyday. At each point during a reservation, from booking, to adding additional charges to checkout it saves you time.

Quickly create reservations checking for existing bookings, recall old loyal customers that have been coming for years, record payments, amounts due, manage group bookings... and so much more! Take a look out our product website for more details and a free trial download.

iMagic Hotel Reservation Website

iMagic Kennel Reservation

from $199 

Need to improve efficiency and keep costs low in your kennel? Make running your kennel simple with our kennel reservation software! Save time managing reservations, tracking dogs history and customers. Simple and easy to use iMagic Kennel Reservation will save you countless hours.

You don't need to spend time manually tracking reservations, who's arriving and which pets need that extra attention. Forget about missing medications or particular food requirements. iMagic Kennel Reservation makes it easy.

Create charges, reserve kennels, board dogs individually or in groups, track customers, payments and more. Visit out website for a free trial download and see how much time you can save!

Visit our website iMagic Kennel Reservation

iMagic Survey Designer

from $149 

Easily and quickly create surveys, collect and analyze results with our survey software! A simple and easy to use system for going through the entire survey process.

iMagic Survey Designer installs onto your desktop giving you a quick, secure and responsive way to create surveys. Surveys can be completed either manually or online via a public or your own server. Responses can then be automatically downloaded ready for analysis.

Don't waste anymore time guessing, let iMagic Survey Designer help you to understand! Ideal for business, academic surveys, marketing, customer feedback and more. Take a look at our free trial version on our website.

Visit the iMagic Survey Designer website

iMagic Tour Reservation

from $399 

Sofware specfically designed for Tour Operators. Designed to help manage your tours, customers and diary information. Create and manage tours details, customers and payments. Tours can be either one off unique tours or recurring tours set over a time period. Record which customers have booked onto each tour and print final manifest lists that can be taken on the actual tour.

iMagic Tour Reservation keeps all relevant information together in one manageable place. Automating common tasks and allowing you to get on with running your business.

Tour Software

iMagic Fleet Maintenance

from $199 

Monitor and manage your fleet vehicles. Keep your fleet vehicles running longer! Allocate resources to more efficient vehicles, monitor usage and save money.

Add scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work for your vehicles. Keep a log of work completed, as well as upcoming work that is yet to be done. Record fuel and distance travelled for each vehicle, with total calculations on fuel cost.

Create reports on vehicles including details such as make, model, year and even chassis and engine numbers. List total cost of each or all vehicles over a given time span. Total vehicle usage and total travel distance. List service reports, service types and Odo readings.

Save time, money and track your most expensive assets. Starting at just $199, a free demo is available on the website.

Fleet Software

iMagic Marina Reservation

from $199 

Help automate the management your marina or dock, save time and energy and throw away that old pen and pad - it's seen better days!

Add your slips and docking information including rail slips, any width or length restrictions, power or other details. Record reservations for each slip and for date periods, so slips can't be double booked, allowing you to see what slips are still available in advance. Add customer contact information and keep it together in one place.

Don't waste anymore time looking for lost books or information that has been missed. With iMagic Marina you can record all the information you need and recall it later as and when it's required. Try our free trial from our Marina Software website.

Marina Software

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