Cloud Based Inventory and Invoice Management 


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You need to manage your inventory, customers and invoices where you need it, when you need. It's not always convenient to be at the office when work needs to completed. You still need fast, easy and secure access to your inventory and invoice management, with the ability to drill into the details when you need it.

Enter AntiInventory, a cloud software system that's designed to keep your inventory overheads minimal, while giving you and your team remote access.

Customer reviews

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You guys are doing terrific work!

Joseph Naicker - Fiji


YEAH! We will dance at your wedding! Thank you!

Linda Pettiecord


iMagic Inventory looks to be a great product, so Kudos to the development team. It really was very simple to implement and navigate, an excellent package. 

Dave Daner - New Jersey, United States



What is AntiInventory?

It's a cloud based inventory management software system. It's used for tracking inventory, so that might be sales, usage, locations and so on. We can customize it so you can set it up how you like and need it.

What do I do if I have a question?

Please Contact Us.

What do I get when I purchase AntiInventory?

After purchase you'll be given access details where you login to your management dashboard. 

Does AntiInventory support multiple users?

Yes! Multiple accounts are available, each user will have their own login details. 

What are the system requirements?

AntiInventory is available on any platform with a modern browser, this includes PC, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Tablets, iPads, etc.

Invoice Management

Manage invoices, invoiced/ordered/shipped dates, customer linked, payments recorded, automatic balance due calculations,  notes and more.

Stock Item Management

Item details, multiple sale prices, vendor purchase pricing, stock levels, multiple warehouse/locations, serial item tracking,  tax rates, categories and more.

Customer Management

Managed customer list, billing/shipping, contact details, track payments, overdue payments and more.


Built in reports, business performance analysis, category, customer owing, customer sales, summary sales, cost and profit, price list, reorder report  and more.