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iMagic Restaurant Reservation

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iMagic Restaurant Reservation

Adjust your reservation capacity based on your current resources


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busy without the stress

What if a busy restaurant didn't mean a stressed restaurant? When your restaurant gets busy it's both amazing and a curse. More bookings ensures revenue, but can also burden the wait and kitchen staff. The long term result being unhappy customers and high staff turn over. It doesn't have to be this way. 

Enter iMagic Restaurant Reservation, a software system that's designed to  keep you in control of your bookings. Organizing group bookings, pre-bookings and walk-ins. You can arrange layout, seat customers and track the status of bookings. We have both back office and front staff interfaces catering to the needs of each. Make management decisions on the fly to ensure that you're at and not above capacity for your staff and resources.

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What is iMagic Restaurant Reservation?

It's a restaurant reservation management software system. It's used for managing restaurant reservations, customers, group bookings, covers, layout and so on. 

What do I do if I have a question?

Connect with is via our support page - Contact Us.

What do I get when I purchase iMagic Restaurant Reservation?

After purchase you'll be emailed a "keycode" and download link to the full version. You'll want to download the full version and enter in the keycode to register it. You'll also be able to use our support forums for any technical help and receive all updates for a year.

Does iMagic Restaurant Reservation support multiple users?

Yes! You can setup multiple users with logins and use iMagic Restaurant Reservation on multiple PCs, each sharing the same central database. Ideal for front and back office use.

What are the system requirements?

iMagic Restaurant Reservation will run on any PC running the latest version of Windows 10.

Reservation Management

Manage reservations, avoid double bookings, group bookings, booking status, quick in house view, Visual Layout, booking notes and more.

Table Management

Track table availability automatically, table types, table covers, calculate tables on floor, change layout, special occasions layouts and more.

Customer Services

Automated customer list for repeat guests and marketing, contact details at a glance, customer preferences, save birthdays or unique customer details, support for walk-ins and more.


Built in reports, track restaurant performance, reservations per period, confirmed reservations, capacity reports, most and least popular months, daily reservations analysis and more.


1 PC

$ 399

Each license is per-computer. 1 license lets you run on 1 PC at once.

  • Prices are one-time costs.
  • Pricing includes 1 year of support and upgrades, you can optionally renew after that time.
  • After purchase you'll receive an email with a download link to the full version and an activation Keycode, when you enter the Keycode into the full version it will activate.

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