Restaurant Reservation Software

Software that manages your reservations, covers, customers and more

Why use  
Restaurant Reservation Software?

Taking reservations and ensuring they are adhered to and prepared for can be a huge challenge. That is why investing in restaurant reservation software can be such a wise choice.

When running a restaurant today, you will know how hard it can be to manage reservations. However, reservations are the lifeblood of any good restaurant; having guaranteed guests for the evening is crucial to profitability.

Restaurant reservation software helps to avoid common problems:

  • The inability for customers to complete reservations and/or receive confirmation.
  • Double bookings and allowing occupancy to swell beyond what you can handle.
  • Failure to track bookings and reservations, leading to confusion and mistakes.
  • Lack of detail when it comes to reservations leading to errors.
  • Using expensive booking software that can be unwieldy and costly to work with.
  • Not using the space properly, leading to overworked kitchen staff and underused space.

Business Decisions

Customer Confirmations

Record Payments

Returning Customers

No Booking Commission Fees

Staff Efficiency

Reservation Management

Happy Staff and Customers

"Having every reservation checked-in with software that can easily be checked by all staff is essential."

Save time and stress when making bookings with restaurant reservation software

Using simple pen and paper notes can be hard to keep all staff up-to-date with. This can lead to mistakes like double bookings, reservation dates and special requirements.

Customers at your restaurant expect to walk in the door, be seated at their reserved area, and to be treated to quality service. Therefore, having every reservation marked in on software that can easily be checked by all staff is essential. This allows your service and kitchen staff to always be prepared for the booked covers. You need to avoid staff being caught out by a large party arriving, being under-prepared and having unhappy customers.

Customers are generally going to enjoy a much easier booking process, too. Making booking easier allows for people to make on-demand decisions to book-up with you. By having restaurant reservation software installed, you know each cover is available and can be taken.

"Avoid cancellations, refunds, and negative reviews."

Instead of struggling with running your restaurant, spend more time keeping customers happy. See how your business can benefit with our restaurant reservation software today.