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iMagic Tour Reservation

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simply organized

Organizing tours is like a tangled ball of wool, you know the ends are there somewhere but it's too easy to get overwhelmed when the next call comes in. Another bookings can throw you off balance when everything finally feels arranged. Then you're onto the next tour and the process starts again. It is possible to be more organized and get back to that feeling of having it done so you can enjoy the process.

Enter iMagic Tour Reservation, a software system that's been built to help you manage your tours and keep track your bookings, keeping you organized. Track recurring tours and one off tours, your calendar, services, guests and marketing. Our tour operator software puts you in the driving seat, helping your guests to relax knowing you have everything under control.

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What is iMagic Tour Reservation?

It's a tour operator management software system. It's used for managing tours, reservations, customers and so on. 

What do I do if I have a question?

Connect with is via our support page - Contact Us.

What do I get when I purchase iMagic Tour Reservation?

After purchase you'll be emailed a "keycode" and download link to the full version. You'll want to download the full version and enter in the keycode to register it. You'll also be able to use our support forums for any technical help and receive all updates for a year.

Does iMagic Tour Reservation support multiple users?

Yes! You can setup multiple users with logins and use iMagic Tour Reservation on multiple PCs, each sharing the same central database. Ideal if you need multiple people taking bookings.

What are the system requirements?

iMagic Tour Reservation will run on any PC running the latest version of Windows 10.

Tour Design

Create unlimited tours and bookings, recurring tours, one-off tours, set maximum and minimum guests per tour, different guest charge rates and more.

Tour Management

Quickly create customer reservations against a specific tour, view availability, record customer details for manifest and contact, record customer payments and more.

Customer Services

Automatically creates a customer list, fast customer lookup, real-time view of bookings, record payments, recall existing customers to save time and more.


Built in reports, live statistics and overviews, percentage of capacity, reservations graph, revenue by week, export to your spreadsheet and more.


1 PC

$ 399

Each license is per-computer. 1 license lets you run on 1 PC at once.

  • Prices are one-time costs.
  • Pricing includes 1 year of support and upgrades, you can optionally renew after that time.
  • After purchase you'll receive an email with a download link to the full version and an activation Keycode, when you enter the Keycode into the full version it will activate.

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