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iMagic Timetable Master

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iMagic Timetable Master

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Creating a timetable that works for everyone is hard. If a mistake is made in allocating then it creates a problem for everyone. Yet teachers, students and managers require them to made quickly without any mistakes and published. Any last minute changes or reschedules need to be taken into account.

Enter iMagic Timetable Master, a timetable software system designed to create workable timetables for schools, colleges and universities. From creating the basic layout. to entering in the tutors, classes and rooms. Our software helps you to create a workable schedule that is fast to create, modify, exact and publish.

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MA, United States


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What is iMagic Timetable Master?

It's a timetable creation software application for schools, colleges and universities. It's used for scheduling classes, rooms, subjects and tutors.

What do I do if I have a question?

Connect with is via our support page - Contact Us.

Is iMagic Timetable Master free?

Yes it's free.

What are the system requirements?

iMagic Timetable Master will run on any PC running Windows XP/7/Vista or the latest Windows 10. 

Timetable Format

Choose your format. Days, intervals, weeks. Include special slots and more.

Automated Cross-referencing

Automatic timetable creation for Tutors, Subjects, Rooms and Classes. Fill in one timetable and the others are automatically cross referenced and filled.

Prepare and Print

Automatic clash detection between time slots. Produce printed timetables quickly, print directly or save to PDF, fast updates of any last minute changes. 


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iMagic Timetable Master is available for free.

Our application, is free for Windows.